Selected Sermons from Past Worship Services

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Sunday Morning  Top


11-25-12 Nathan Battey       By What Authority

11-18-12 Joe Norton            An Obstacle in the Path

11-11-12 James Maudlin       Elders Holding Fast to the Word of God

11-04-12 Roy Deering          Walking With God

10-28-12 James Maudlin       Eldership Hospitality

10-14-12 Joe Norton            Example of Elders

10-07-12 Mike Hernandez    Warnings to Elders

09-30-12 Nathan Battey       Qualitities and Responsiblities of Elders

09-23-12 James Maudlin       Eldership Overview

09-16-12 Joe Norton            Old Testament Leadership

09-09-12 Nathan Battey       New Testament Leadership

09-02-12 Richard DeGough Precious Word of God

08-26-12 Nathan Battey       Exiting Egypt

08-19-12 Aubrey Ballard      Perils of the Heart

08-05-12 Nathan Battey       Greatest Church Ever

07-29-12 Joe Norton            God's Plan for Salvation

07-22-12 Mike Hernandez    A Better Covenant

07-15-12 Nathan Battey       Who is My Brother

07-08-12 Nathan Battey       Sunday Morning Christian

06-24-12 Nathan Battey       Paul's Teaching on Marriage

06-17-12 James Maudlin       The Lord Turned

06-10-12 Joe Norton            The Triumphant Life

06-03-10 Nathan Battey        Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage

05-27-12 Leo Short              Guard This Man

05-20-12 Nathan Battey        Jesus and the Old Testament

05-13-12 James Maudlin       To Confess Christ

05-06-12 Nathan Battey        Principles of Marriage

04-22-12 Nathan Battey        God's Symbol of Authority

04-15-12 Steve Bowen         Isaiah 53

04-08-12 Joe Norton            What is God's Righteousness

04-01-12 Nathan Battey        Lessons from the Epistles

03-25-12 Nathan Battey        Jude 1-11

03-18-12 Carl Johnson          Psalm 23

03-11-12 Joe Norton             1 John 4:7-21

03-04-12 Nathan Battey        1 John 3:4-23

02-26-12 Carl Martin            1 John 1:1-10

02-12-12 Joe Norton             2 Peter 1:1-11

01-22-12 Nathan Battey        1 Peter 2:11-25

01-15-12 Nathan Battey        1 Peter 1:1-12

01-08-12 Joe Norton             As Geese Fly

01-01-12 Steve Bowen          Is it Well


Special Topics  Top


Allen Bailey      God's Plan of Salvation

Allen Bailey      By What Authority - Matthew 21:23

George Battey  The Foundation of the church

Glen Osburn     Angels

Larry Lay         The Broccoli Principle

Larry Lay         Seven Stages of a Servant

Allen Bailey      Innovations in the Church

Nathan Battey  Choosing Your Friends

Joe Norton       Fasting and Prayer

Nathan Battey   Is Drinking a Sin

Nathan Battey   Principles of Marriage

Nathan Battey   Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage

Nathan Battey   Paul's Teaching on Marriage


Gospel Meetings   Top


October 2012 Gospel Meeting with Cullen Smith

Being Committed to God

Stay Close to Me

How Do We Worship God

Unity in Christ

Building Room for Others



April 2012 Gospel Meeting with Ron Courter

God Has Always Taught His People

Assurance of the Unseen

Because He Said So

Bible Reasoning on Teaching

Arrangement of the Bible


December 2011 Gospel Meeting with Brett Hickey

Blessed are the Persecuted

The Christian and Worship

Surveying the Cross

How to Find Grace


October 2011 Gospel Meeting with Glen Osburn

Why I Don't Want to Sin

A Haughty Spirit

Loving and Forgiving Our Enemies


Power of Emotions

With Thanksgiving


April 2011 Gospel Meeting with Carl Johnson

The Bible - God's Word

Jail Break at Midnight

The Children of God

The Wife of Nabel

Midnight in Gethsemane

The Well Fought Contest


January 2011 Gospel Meeting with Brett Hickey

A Good Soldier

Heirs of the Kingdom

Two Pennies Worth

Future of the Church


October 2010 Gospel Meeting with Larry Lay

10 Secrets of Great Presidents


The Sin of Presumption

A While Longer

What About My Attitude

The Wisdom of Proverbs


April 2010 Gospel Meeting with Ronny Wade

Her Sins Reached to Heaven

Settling Our Accounts

Seven Things Most Preachers Will Not Tell You

Why Churches Die

Unless The Lord Builds the House

Where Our Strength Lies


October 2009 Gospel Meeting with Ed Daniel

He Set His Mind Steadfast

The Great White Throne

The Exalted Christ

If We Could See

In My Father's House

A Good Soldier


August 2009  Come and Learn...Go and Teach Series

Jimmy Cating:

The Teacher and His Purpose Session 1

The Teacher and His Purpose Session 2

The Student and His Text Session 1

The Student and His Text Session 2

George Battey:

Bible Interpretation

Using Bible Interpretation in Instrumental Music

Implication and Silence

How Much to Agree on to Have Fellowship

The Assembly of the Church


January 2009 Gospel Meeting with Doug Edwards

God Had a Plan

Come to the Garden

How God Saves

Blessed Assurance


October 2008 Gospel Meeting with Glen Osburn

A Series Focused on the Family:

Checking Your Home's Foundation

Hazardous Materials

Structural Integrity for Husbands and Wives

Shopping for Materials

The Award Winning Architect

Adding an Addition


April 2008 Gospel Meeting with Jerry Dickinson

Surveying the Wind

Angels and Lions

Is it Well?

Great Cannots

She Left the Waterpot



January 2008 Gospel Meeting with Wayne Mckamie

The Kingdom of Christ

Pharisee and Publican

The Importunate Widow

As it Was So Shall it Be

 Let the Bible Speak   Top


Brett Hickey     Audio Sermons

Kevin Presley   Video Sermons